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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One day seminar ....need a get away?

Hello all, I'm in need of your thoughts today.

I'm thinking of hosting a one day seminar in late October.
The cost is $150 plus tax, for the following:
Topics to cover branding, strategic growth and building, HR and some legislation changes and what is currently in for passing as law. There will also be a small booklet filled with info in it  and a couple of great speakers. Lunch and snacks will be provided and then a social after for those that want to stick around for this. Since this will be a little out of town, rooms will be available but limited for extra and should you book a room, you will receive a coupon for dinner discounted and a contential breakfast in the morning, if you book more then one night it is reduced again and dinner again discounted and 2 free contential breakfasts are included.
We are also offering transportation for those booking for 2 nights for free limited space is available .
Looks like rooms will be about $100per night plus taxes  this can be shared if companies are wanting to do that as well.
Space for the seminar is limited and only 50 tickets are available maybe 60.
The more that book the cheaper for everything.

So, what do you think?

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